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nafiche 123
Jun 13, 2022
In Self Help Forum
How to pass the design scheme is a necessary skill in the work of many designers. I have also encountered various cases in my work. Here is a summary of the whole process of passing the design scheme. At work, have you ever heard a executive email list design classmate complaining to you like this: My program has been modified many times, and it has been very in line with user needs! This product is so obsessive! Why can't you talk all the time? Do executive email list you understand user experience? Why has the demand side been unable to pass it? Keep me changing all the time! I am clearly explaining the underlying framework and task flow of the requirements. How can the product manager get caught up in the detailed communication of UI controls? Then when we worked hard to complete the design draft, executive email list we were given opinions by various characters: I don't think this style is good. I think the color here can be deepened and the color should be richer. Otherwise you try the competition. Forget it, let's use the first version. Not only that, we often see some design students work very hard, control executive email list their majors very rigorously, and design their schemes very well, but they are always incapable of designing proposals, which leads to a big discount when promoting the implementation. Why is this so? (1) The subjectivity of vision Evaluating the quality of visual design is naturally mixed with subjective factors. Everyone's aesthetics are different, which makes it easy for everyone to executive email list put forward their own opinions. (2) The goal is not clear There is no clear goal agreed with the demander before the design, so there is no good or bad standard when the design plan is finally evaluated, and it cannot meet everyone's preferences. (3) Inefficient communication When many designers executive email list state their plans, they do not start from how to solve the needs, but only stay at the level of visual expression. For example: I think this is more compelling, I think this color scheme is more high-end, and the white space should make people more relaxed. It's a design trend, etc... It's hard to be convincing without an objective basis. How can we solve the above problems? I want to quickly pass the design scheme, combined with my work experience, to discuss how to "prove" the professionalism and rationality of my design scheme to others more efficiently and scientifically! It can be executive email list understood from the following four aspects: Jump out of your own character and switch to the opponent's character scene. Demonstrate your professionalism. Steady and accurate expression design. Organize efficient design reviews. 1. Jump out of your own role and switch to the other party's executive email list role scene 1. Accurately understand the needs and read your audience Experience designers, as a key link, should be able to switch to the other party's role scene in a timely manner. Before designing, the most challenging part is to show your prototype or wireframe to your demand side. Just understand them.
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nafiche 123

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